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Why choose Dzensoft?

Transparency. Quality. Efficiency.

In-house Employment
Freelance Platforms

Time to arrange a team

Typical Employment
2-8 Months
Freelance Platforms
1-3 Months

Recruiting fee

Typical Employment
Freelance Platforms

Quality guarantee

Typical Employment
Freelance Platforms

Failure rate

Typical Employment
Freelance Platforms
Very high

Thoroughly screened candidates

Typical Employment
Freelance Platforms

Termination costs

Typical Employment
Very high
Freelance Platforms

What you can expect from our talent

Domain-focused quality

Whatever your needs, we have domain-specific experienced specialists to meet them. Our impressive success rate means that you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands.

Character quality

We believe that integrity, excellent communication and teamwork are as critical to our success as technical skills. That’s why we make sure that all the boxes are checked when it comes to our team members.

100% satisfaction guarantee

A trial period allows you “tryout” your Dzensoft talent with no financial risk to you. Pay only if you’re impressed with our specialists.


Superior collaborative experience

Quick Integration

Our team has experience and expertise with a wide variety of project management and collaborative tools and techniques, and can adapt quickly and smoothly to the needs of your company.

Effortless communication

Accessible, clear communication by our specialists ensures effortless comprehension of even most complex aspects of your project.

Flexibility & seamless dependability

Dzensoft provides fit-for-purpose, tailored services depending upon your needs and operational tempo. Whether you need to expand your capacity or streamline it, our team is as dynamic as your business.


Your comprehensive financials

Straight-forward pricing

Our straightforward pricing gives you a lot of bang for your buck, with zero hidden fees.

Stress-free economy

With Dzensoft you don’t have the stress of vacation time, stock options, extensive recruiting lag and expenses, benefits, endless paperwork, the nuisance of termination and unemployment benefits ever again.

Quick team ramp-up

Generally for start-ups there is a tremendous and costly time gap while a team is arranged and inspiration is built. Dzensoft saves you significant time and money by providing an easily scalable, rockstar team with startup-appropriate fees.