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Before joining our in-house team, every dzensoft developer undergoes a rigorous screening process.


Dzensoft screening process


Personality & Communication skills

An in-depth assessment interview is the first step in finding the most talented and worthy specialists. Candidates must possess excellent English proficiency and communication skills, as well as drive, commitment and the ability to work with a team.

17.7% of applicants pass


Thorough Skill Assessment

Candidate’s technical skills and problem-solving abilities are assessed through a variety of tasks in their functional domain. Only the most qualified move on to step 3.

4.8% of applicants pass


Pilot Project

In order to demonstrate work quality and temperament, candidates must complete a pilot project. During completion, candidates’ professionalism is evaluated in addition to the quality and efficiency of their work.

4.3% of applicants pass


Long-term Accountability

All specialists are expected to consistently produce top-notch work with integrity and professionalism. Period.

2.1% of applicants pass

Remarkable 2%